Everything that we have belongs to Him, and we want to be good stewards of what we've been given.



The Bible teaches us that the baseline standard for giving is the tithe (when we give the first 10% of our income to the church). When we do this, we put God first in our lives. With this attitude, our giving is an act of worship - an expression of humility and gratitude toward God for His generous love towards us in Christ.

The example of New Testament giving is generous, sacrificial, and cheerful giving as an act of worship and love. (2 Cor 8:1-29:6-15). Giving fuels the mission of the church and allows us to participate in God's work of transformation in our city and beyond (Acts 2:42-47, 2 Cor 5:17-21).



You can make a one-time or set-up a recurring gift using your debit card or bank account using our online giving app. Online giving is safe and private. Receipts are immediately emailed to you. You can even create a profile to allow easy sign-in to make future gifts.


Text AMOUNT (i.e. $20) to 84321.

You’ll receive a text back with a link to complete the registration process. You'll be able to give anytime by texting an amount to 84321.  Giving via text is quick, easy, and secure.


Blue boxes are placed at the rear of the sanctuary next to the last pew during the gathering. If you'd like your giving tracked, offering envelopes are available next to the boxes. Your offering may be deposited anytime during the gathering. All checks should be made out to "City Alliance Church."


You can mail a check to our office at 420 Elmira Street, Williamsport, PA 17701.  

If you have any questions regarding contributions made to our church, please contact Michael Kolb, our board treasurer. A year-end statement will be distributed to you as a record of your giving each January.


We desire to be a generous church REFLECTING the generous heart of OUR God to our city.


To be a generous church, we must be a body of generous people. Every time we make a decision to be generous, we discover that our God cannot be out-given.


In addition to supporting the mission of City Alliance Church, a significant portion of congregational giving is committed directly to meet local needs, plant new churches and support the work God is doing around the globe through the Christian & Missionary Alliance.



Nearly all congregational giving goes into our general fund. Our general fund supports all of our church's day to day ministry, including: outreach, community partnerships, children's ministry, gatherings, city groups, staffing and building expenses. Additionally, a significant portion of our general fund giving is set aside for specific mission emphasis, enabling us to generously meet practical needs in our local community, as well as partner with the greater Alliance to plant churches and support international workers.


As a congregation of the Christian & Missionary Alliance, we are part of a worldwide Gospel movement. Throughout the year, we highlight particular opportunities where we invite each other to go above and beyond to support Alliance missions across the world through the Great Commission Fund. All donations given through the GCF will go towards supporting Alliance workers in international ministry settings, relief work and unique marketplace ministries in the developing world.




As part of the global Alliance family, we support the ministry of Alliance workers in 81 countries across the world through the Great Commission Fund. As a movement, we are committed to taking the Gospel to the least-reached people groups in the world. God is moving across our world in unprecedented ways, opening hearts wide to embrace Him. Jesus has invited His Church to join Him in fulfilling the Great Commission so that all will see His salvation.

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When we join together and give, we support and equip a team of workers who:

  • Proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard

  • Baptize and disciple new believers, grounding them in the Word of God

  • Plant new churches among the least reached peoples, including the U.S.
  • Supply critical medical care in desperate regions of the world
  • Train and equip future national church leaders
  • Help rebuild the lives of those devastated by war or natural disaster
  • Carry out dozens of other light-bearing ministries that point people to Jesus
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Commit to tithing to your local church! 

City Alliance Church sets aside a portion of our annual budget (currently 7.5%) to support the GCF. When you are generous to the local church, you make it possible for us to be generous to the worldwide work of the Alliance.

Make a special gift to the GCF! 

If you're already tithing as part of the City Alliance body, we invite you to prayerfully consider making special gifts to the GCF throughout the year. You can do so by choosing targeting options in your preferred method of giving to City Alliance:

  • For checks, write GCF in the memo.

  • For cash, use a giving envelope and note the amount given to the GCF.
  • For online giving, choose the GCF option from the dropdown fund menu.
  • For mobile giving, add the letters GCF after the amount in your message (i.e. $50 GCF.)