Join us throughout Holy Week as we celebrate the passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Palm Sunday

March 20 at 10AM

Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday.  As we enter the final week of Lent, we'll trace the story of the Gospel from Ruth to Jesus to help us celebrate our true Redeemer and King.

Maundy Thursday

March 24 at 6PM
Fellowship Hall

Join us for a special celebration of the Seder ceremony, followed by a simple meal together as we reflect on Jesus and the Last Supper.

Good Friday

March 25 at 6PM

We will share in a reflective time of prayer, liturgy and communion as we consider Christ's powerful work on the cross on our behalf. 

Easter Sunday

March 27 at 10AM

Easter changes everything: Come celebrate Christ's resurrection and the call to new life with us! He is risen indeed!

Interested in being baptized on Easter? Contact Spencer!