THE GATHERING | Sundays at 10AM

Worship in community is a beautiful expression of the local church. We gather together weekly around the Word of God, collective worship and celebration, prayer and communion. We sing songs. We study the story of Jesus. We celebrate good stories. We pray for each other. We share in the Lord's Supper. We laugh together. We drink really good coffee.

We like to keep things simple, but our hope is that each Sunday will provide an atmosphere where you can be creatively engaged in responding to God’s love and grace in worship and community. We do all of these things to experience the Gospel together in community and celebrate the God who loves us.  It's what we were made for. 



Music is a key aspect of our worship on Sundays. Our music team leads us in songs, old and new, that resonate with who we are as a local church. 

We are moved to make joyful noise out of our affection for God. We make sing songs as a body in response to the goodness and faithfulness of God in our lives.

To help you become more familiar with the songs we sing, we've created a Spotify playlist called City Alliance Hymnal for you to enjoy.