Every discipleship journey is unique.

Our hope in outlining this pathway is to orient the ministry of City Alliance Church to help people move from simply connecting to a local congregation to belonging to a spiritual community following Jesus to discovering core friends who will journey with them side-by-side as they begin to live out the character of Christ. We believe disciples grow into the image of Christ as we share in three communal pursuits: GOSPEL, FAMILY, and MISSION.

GOSPEL: We are being transformed by the way, truth, and life of Jesus Christ.
FAMILY: We are becoming a diverse community shaped by the love of Jesus Christ.
MISSION: We are sent out to where we live, work, and play to express the fullness of Jesus Christ.

As we seek to make and multiply disciples in the local church, we gather in three primary environments that help move people toward maturity:

Sunday Gatherings

Our whole congregation gathers to proclaim and celebrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ regularly. Our worship together helps form us into the image of Christ. We pray Psalms and sing songs. We preach Scripture and celebrate communion. We remind ourselves who we are in Christ and are sent to live as Christ’s presence in the world. All are welcome to join us at the gathering.

+ Weekly
+ Worship at 10AM / Prayer at 9AM
+ City Kids available (Nursery, PreK, K-3rd)

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City Groups

We believe the Church is the family of God for the mission of God. It is important for us that every person in our congregation experience the love of Christ in Gospel-shaped community. We view City Groups as environments where we can practice being the church by pursuing Christ together, sharing life together, and blessing our city together.

+ Bimonthly
+ 15-30 people meeting in homes
+ Childcare available

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Life Groups

Life Transformation Groups refer to highly intentional peer-to-peer or mentoring relationships that encourage deeper application of the Gospel through Bible study, purposeful edification, and shared disciplines. Life Groups are meant to be simple, yet powerful environments for making mature disciples in community.

+ Weekly/Biweekly
+ 2-4 people (same gender)
+ High level of commitment & confidentiality

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